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About Just Pawfection

Our staff is made up of professional dog groomers with love for animals and years of grooming experience. 

Our grooming facilities accommodate any dog breed and size – from small Yorkies – to medium Shih tzus – to large golden retrievers.  We use professional

dog grooming equipment and supplies.

                                               WE ARE A CAGE FREE GROOMING SALON!


                                                         Why cage-free?


                                                                We love your dog like our own!  And we want to know your                                                                 dogs and each of their personalities.  We also believe it is

                                                               easier on everyone to groom a relaxed and happy dog.


We take our grooming seriously.  We know it takes more than a clipper to be a good groomer.  We love the challenge of hard to groom dogs, and we find that most aren’t that difficult.


We take extra measures to be sure the elderly or handicapped are comfortable throughout their grooming.  We’re sure we are the right groomer for you!


Please note that we require current vaccination records for Distemper,

Bordetella (kennel cough) and Rabies.

Our Team
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